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Old No Limit News


The fact that Master P has enlisted a few more faces into his No Limit Records army isn't necessarily newsworthy, but the ages of the newest No Limit soldiers is the stuff headlines are made of. The rap duo Li'l Soldiers, who make their debut on the latest No Limit release "Mean Green Presents Major Players Compilation" with the track "Close To You," are just seven and eight years old. The camouflage-outfitted pair hail from New York, and will be recording their own album for No Limit in the coming months.

Look for some of the No Limit Soldiers to make some appearances on upcoming albums. Most notably, look for them to appear on the new album from Brotha Lynch Hung, which will be entitled Mid-Evil. No date yet on this release has been set.


The first magazine from Soldier Books entitled Tank World has been delayed. Due to pressure from other magazines that contain No Limit ads, Tank World is on hold until deals can be worked out.

It has been reported that Master P has beat out Sean "Puffy" Combs for the part in the upcoming Oliver Stone film. The movie was originally entitled NFL, but the National Football League has filed suit to make them change the name. The movie will star Al Pacino as a coach of a football team that contains actors such as Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, Master P, and Bill Bellamy. Master P will play a defensive back in the movie.

Where was Master P on South Park? For some reason he did not make an appearance. But he is still included on the Chef-Aid album. There is no word from Comedy Central on why there was no appearance.


After Detroit officials named Master P and Houston-based rapper Scarface in their call to ban rap concerts, Master P is finally commenting publicly on the potential crackdown on live hip-hop shows in the motor city. The city has considered the ban in response to the near riot that broke out during a Scarface and Master P concert at the Pontiac Silverdome on August 29, in which several fights broke out and three people were arrested. At th MTV Video Music Awards, Master P said that from what he heard about the Detroit incident, the show's problems were caused by the promoters lack of preparedness in handling the event -- and the presence of certain four-legged beasts. "I didn't even perform in Detroit," Master P said, "so I don't even know. That just goes to show you a lot of this stuff is hype. You know media hype and I think when people give [a concert] they need to know exactly [what is going to happen], to prepare and make sure everything is taken care of [in terms of] security." "I heard that the show had chairs in it," he continued, implying that the fights broke out in Detroit when members of the audience started throwing seats around. "And I think you can't do a performance with chairs anymore, you know, the times are changing. You got to realize if you're gonna give a big show like that you got to know what you (need in order to stage it)."

Master P has announced that the long awaited line of clothing, Soldier Gear, will be available in stores nationwide starting in January. Right now they are taking mail orders for the line of clothes, but only the shirts seen inside cd covers.

On Tuesday, October 20th, MTV will air the life story of Snoop Dogg. It will be a part of the new series called Biorythm. It will be aired at 10:30pm EST/PST.


According to the Herald Leader of Lexington, KY and MTV Online, No Limit Sports Enterprises has announced the signing of two NBA players. Ron Mercer of the Boston Celtics and Derrik Anderson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Terms of the contract have not been made public. Master P plans to sign players from the WNBA and the NFL in the upcoming months.

Master P, Primus, Tim McGraw and Devo are among the musicians coming to the aid of "South Park's" Chef in a new episode of the animated hit comedy, which has spawned the album, "Chef Aid: The South Park Album." In the episode of the irreverent TV show also dubbed "Chef Aid," the elementary school cafeterian voiced by Isaac Hayes gets caught up in a financial jam as the result of a legal judgment. The "South Park" kids -- Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny -- along with the rest of the townspeople, help to organize a benefit concert for their grilled cheese-flipping friend after discovering that Chef was the creative force behind some of the most important musical events in history. The first single from the record, Master P's "Kenny's Dead," will be released to radio on October 6. To hear a clip of "Kenny's Dead" go to South Park Online. The "Chef Aid: The South Park Album" is a compilation album of the artists appearing in the animated concert, and has been executive produced by "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with maverick producer Rick Rubin. "Chef Aid" is scheduled to air on October 7 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central, while the "Chef Aid: The South Park Album" soundtrack will arrive in stores on October 20.


Master P has cracked the Forbes's top ten list for the year's highest earning entertainers. Master P placed in between The Rolling Stones and Robin Williams. His reported earnings were $56.5 million dollars after taxes. Puff Daddy placed at number 15 with a $53.5 million gross proffit.


It is being rumored that No Limit Records will be taking it's artists to do their first ever European tour. The rumored dates are to be in November some time but no confirmation yet. Also, if you have ordered a copy of Behind Enemy Lines from Kane-Abel.Com and are wondering when you will get your copy in around 4-6 weeks and they will be autographed copies. In October they will be available to be purchased at book stores nationwide.

Look for Master P to make an appearance at upcoming MTV Music Awards. Not only is he schedualed to perform, he has also been nominated for an award for the Best Rap Video Of The Year. The show will be aired on September 10th at 8:00pm

It looks as though Mean Green and No Limit Records has packed a star studded line up for the Major Players Compilation. Artists schedualed to appear are: Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, E-40, B-Legit, Ice Cube, Too Short, UGK, Eightball & MJG. This album hits stores on September 29th.


I know Cash Money Records has nothing to do with No Limit, but we felt due to its rising popularity the net needed a store where you can purchase its albums. And we have brought it to you: Cash Money Records Online Store. The site is up and complete!

No Limit has plans to keep storming the industry with albums in the upcoming year. Mystikal's album has been named Ghetto Fabulous and is due out in mid-November. Full Blooded and No Limit Soldiers Compilation has tentative date set for December. The Commission, now signed to the label, and Steady Mobb'n - Black Mafia is set for November release dates. Master P has plans to release 3 albums a month, taking care of all the long awaited albums.

Rapper and label mogul Master P has joined the cast of "Takedown," a true story about the FBI's two-year pursuit of an alleged computer hacker. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Chapelle will direct the Dimension Films/Millennium Films feature, which will star Skeet Ulrich, Russell Wong, Forest Whitaker, and Scott Cooper. The picture, an adaptation of a book by Tsutomu Shimomura and New York Times technology writer John Markoff, will begin shooting soon.

Besides the before mentioned movie, Master P and Eddie Griffin have almost completed the movie Foolish which will also feature Wyclef Jean, Mike Tyson and Andrew Dice Clay. Master P is also in negotiations with Miramax Films about a role in the upcoming third movie in the Scream series. No release date for Scream 3 yet. The No Limit Film, entitled 911 will begin production next month. Master P will play the part of a psycho hitman in this movie.


Tuesday will mark the day for one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Snoop Dogg's first solo album since leaving Death Row Records and his third over all. Snoop returns to his old style of rapping found on Doggystyle and gets a little help from Beats By The Pound on this album. Again you can find most of the No Limit Soldiers on this album, but not as much Master PSnoop Dogg's second album on No Limit Records. The album entitled Top Dogg will be out in 1999. UPDATE!!!! - Many of you have already noticed that the song D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2 is different on the CD from the one on the Real Audio we had. The reason is the U.S. album has the version featuring Jon B. and the European version has the one featuring Big Pokey, Master P, & Silkk.

For all of you who read earlier about Kane & Abel having their own website. Well it is up on the neta, but it is not official yet. You can peep the rough draft design here: Kane & Abel Web Site. It is not up all the time, so you may be lucky and catch it at the times it is. At this new site you will be able to order the new book from Kane & Abel entitled "Behind Enemy Lines". Also you will be able to subscribe to the new magazine "TANK WORLD". Check the news for more on Tank World, and remember you heard it at THE TANK first.

Very soon, the fans of No Limit Records will have their very own magazine dealing with everything from Beats by the Pound to No Limit Films. This magazine will be published on Kane & Abel's Soldier Books label. This magazine is sure to be slamming. I have been helping Soldier Books put together this magazine. Check for it soon!

Rapper and label mogul Master P has joined the cast of "Takedown," a true story about the FBI's two-year pursuit of an alleged computer hacker. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Chapelle will direct the Dimension Films/Millennium Films feature, which will star Skeet Ulrich, Russell Wong, Forest Whitaker, and Scott Cooper. The picture, an adaptation of a book by Tsutomu Shimomura and New York Times technology writer John Markoff, will begin shooting soon.


In the works now is an official magazine dedicated to No Limit Records & Films. This magazine is going to be published by Soldier Books and is going to be entitled Tank World. No word on where and when this magazine is dropping, but stay tuned.

Have you ever wondered how No Limit got so big. Sonicnet did and sat down an wrote an article on why think this empire sells thousands of records with every release. Peep this out: Is There No Limit to No Limit's Success

The projected project from TRU Records featuring C-Murder, Fiend, and Mac which will be called Tank Dawgs, has added another member to it. Snoop Dogg will now be the fourth person in on this project. No album title or date has been set. Also Master P has added the third and fourth females to the label. A group of twins named 2-4-1 have signed to No Limit. You can hear their debut on the new Mac album.


Today marks the release of Mac - Shell Shocked. This 22 track album is boomin. It features all the normal soldiers. Alot of release dates were in the cd, so peep them out. Also a new album has been announced, Steady Mobb'n - Black Mafia

According to Eddie Griffin in last Sundays Sacramento Bee, Foolish is a movie that portrays his life. It will star Master P, Mike Tyson, & Wycled Jean. This info is not 100% certain so stay tuned.

There is a news letter coming out that will be phat as hell and it will cover arists from the west to down south and it will have 1 or 2 cover artists 1 from the west and 1 from the south and if you want to recieve it e-mail or and remember it will be cold as hell and will have like 10 different features on it from news to where ya been and what we'd like to see happen to certain artists.


According to Billboard, Master P - MP Da Last Don has gone quadruple-platinum. The most successful album from No Limit to date. Also appearing on the charts was Kane & Abel - Am I My Brother's Keeper, which debuted at #5 on the Pop Charts and #1 on the R&B Charts.


Thanx to Phatboy, Andrew, & Cory, The Tank has gotten ahold of the Real Audio for Kane & Abel - Am I My Brother's Keeper. Also we have the track listings for Mac - Shell Shocked and Snoop Dogg - The Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told.

Thanx to Cory, here is some info from the Kane & Abel album. First, this is the new cover art for Mr. Serv-On - Da Next Level. Also the movie starring Master P & Eddie Griffin may have gone through a name change. There are new ads in the cd for the movie being titled as Foolish instead of Tears of a Clown. Also there is an ad for a large amount of No Limit Soldier Gear. Peep out this clothing line.

It is being rumored that soon a website dedicated to Kane & Abel will soon hit the net. Supposedly will be up and running shortly. From what I hear you will be able to pre-order copies of their upcoming books: Behind Enemy Lines and Eyez of a Killa.


With the rise in popularity of No Limit Records, comes a move of the company itself. Master P has started building a brand new No Limit Studios in Baton Rouge, LA. The new site sits on 175,000 square feet of land protected by 12 foot high walls and heavy security. Rosati Acoustics and Multimedia are dealing with the equipment going into the studios and have claimed that this will be the most eleaborate studio in the country. The compound will contain four control rooms and a series of smaller studios. One of the studios will hold a choir of 50 people when P goes into gospel music. It will be equiped with the latest in digital technology. It has a parking lot that holds 50 cars, an Olympic size pool, a full size basketball court, video and movie production studios, a full size gym, a restaurant, a cafeteria, residential suites and dorms, a 45-seat movie theatre, an arcade, a car wash, an outdoor track, a stage rehearsal area, a garden, and will also house the offices of No Limit Records, No Limit Films, TRU Records, The Master P Foundation, and other subsidaries.

Tuesday will mark the release of Master P's third movie, and second straight to video release. "MP Da Last Don" will be film that is similiar to the old gangsta mafia type of movies that the No Limit family admires. The end of the movie contains videos for "Thinking About U" and "Eternity", plus a live performance of "Make Em Say Ugh".

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